Opt Super Visa Insurance to Travel Safely

We all love to travel. The only difference is some people love to travel locally and some internationally. We are able to enjoy properly if we have the feeling of safety and we are tension free. Usually our parents or grandparents used to travel to Canada to meet their kids or grandkids.  And we always worried about their safety while travelling. So now these days number of companies are providing super visa insurance plan. If you are also looking for super visa insurance plan then we will guide you regarding this.

We all know that Super Visa insurance plan allows parents to visit their kids residing in Canada. This plan provides visa for 10 years and they can stay in Canada continuous for 2 yrs without the need to renew visa. The objective of super visa insurance plan is to decrease the gap among parents and their kids. Now parents can visit their kids anytime.

But it has some eligibility criteria. Everyone can’t apply for super visa insurance plan. People who are permanent resident of Canada or have Canadian citizenship only their parents and grandparents can apply for Super Visa insurance. Under this plan dependents can’t apply. Generally no application can be rejected on the behalf of health issue. But applicants need to meet all the requirements of visa authority.

Why VisitorAssurance?

In the marketplace VisitorAssurance is one of the best Canada based company. The attractive thing about VisitorAssurance is that it has non-deductible plans. And some plans are deductible but they are at discount rates. There is minimum coverage of 1,00,000 or more than that. This is the requirement of plan.

Things To Remember While Applying For Super Visa Insurance

  • Medical insurance is one of the foremost requirements.
  • And the policy coverage period should be of minimum one year.
  • Minimum coverage should be of 1,00,000 or more.
  • The day parents arrived over there will be considered as first day of the policy.
  • If there are any changes in the arrival date then it is your responsibility to inform the company.
  • If your parents/grandparents make the mind to leave country before the expiration of policy then company will refund the unused sum of amount.
  • Parents/grandparent with medical problems such as hypertension, diabetes or any other problem can apply for super visa insurance but they need to provide the proof that now condition is stable.
  • In case of wish to extend the stay in Canada you can extend it for more 1 year and it is compulsory to purchase new policy eight days prior of the old policy.
  • For any refund your company should be aware of the current status of your visa, departure and arrival dates.

These points you need to consider while purchasing super visa insurance. Whatever company you are going to choose take care of the coverage that what they are provided. VisitorAssurance has non-deductible plans comparatively. So while purchasing super visa insurance you can prefer VisitorAssurance. For more details visit website.

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